Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DPM 2012: install a protection agent manually - how to automatically approve Microsoft Software License Terms

Hi guys,

During the past few days, I struggled with the silently manual install of DPM 2012 agent. Whatever the command I used, a popup screen appeared and I needed to validate Microsoft Sofware Licenses Terms... Very annoying :)

I tried various combinations like: /quiet, /q, /quiet /AcceptEula:yes...

An user from DPM forum pointed me to the right direction: /IAcceptEula 

So log on to the protected computers, navigate to the network share, and then run the appropriate DPMAgentInstaller.exe command: 
DpmAgentInstaller.exe [/q] [DPM server name] [/IAcceptEula]

This parameter is referenced in Technet link : Post-upgrade steps


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